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How about a boat?

EBay_former_logo.svgLets go back to 2009. Sometime in August to be precise. A summer evening in the company of a good friend, slightly bored wondering what to do with ourselves.
eBay offered some light distraction, usually looking for interesting cars/bikes. It didn’t matter really as long as it was propelled along with an engine, but really it was the same old thing. We needed something new, something different.
20082009067Now I don’t remember how but somehow we ended up looking at sports boats. At the time knowing absolutely NOTHING about them, not even having any family with any related experience, I’m afraid I cant even tell you what we looked at. However one particular boat caught our eye. It was listed as a blue 17ft boat. Looking at the pictures the name “Fletcher” could be seen. Was that good or bad? No idea, had never heard of it, but it was local, it had a trailer and it looked like a project we could do something with. According to the description, all it needed was an engine…

This boat was purchased for about £500. It was structurally fine, however the interior, original was poor. The only extras the boat came with was steering controls and an old speedo!

The trailer appeared fine, at that point!!