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Not had enough here? Well here is a guide to some other boating sites.

www.boatbanter.co.uk – This is the home of all the old readers of Sports Boat & Rib. A great bunch of people. Some of who I have navigated around the Isle of Wight with. I frequent on here as well and it is always welcome for new people to come and join in.

http://www.ybw.com/forums/ Have your flame suit ready! There are some incredibly knowledgeable people here when it comes to boats, but equally there are many people who just love to argue. It is worth persevering however as there is a lot to learn from those here, several with some truly serious boats.

http://www.swfbr.org.uk/ South West Fletcher Boat Rally. Actually looks as though this may rename South West Sports Boat Rally, but this site is based around a once a year boat gathering initially for Fletcher owners. Based around Torquay a lovely destination for power boating, if you want to get on the water in company then its worth getting on board with this event.

http://fletcher-boats.ning.com/ Fletcher boat owners club (official). Another active forum for Fletcher owners.

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