Around the Isle of Wight 2010!!

The plan: To meet up with the chaps from from Sport Boat & Rib forum at Cowes for a trip around the IOW! (video at the end)

Please note, some of these pics are not mine, but I’m sure the others won’t mind me using them I can’t remember who took what now.


This is what running a boat does. We usually share the cost between people on the boat. This time we went with a full tank of 90 Litres on the boat and two jerry cans with another 40L just to be on the safe side.


£1.20/l here. Rate its going up will be more soon I bet.

A new slipway this time, we launched from Hamble point. The idea of this trip was to raise money for the RNLI. This was done by donations from each boat attending (us included).


Crossing the water to Cowes was amazing. We followed the route of the Wight Link ferry. I remember once in late teens thinking how cool it would be to have a boat and cross on the water. Today as we passed that ferry I kind of achieved that goal. Amazing!


The first of the SB&R crew come into view.



So this is what we look like. Have to admit the lines of the boat do look awesome. It does sit so low however.


All ready now. So the first port of call is to head off West in the direction of Yarmouth.



Where we waited just a sec for a forum member, but it gave us a some time to take a few shots like the one above!


Under way again, this time in the direction of the Needles. I have to mention now that cruising in company is fantastic. Its so much fun. these guys were great too. It brings a whole element to the boating experience. Fantastic stuff!


The Needles coming into view now. I’ve only ever seen them like this on postcards. This is for real!


Check out how calm the sea is too. Clear blue skies, we really couldn’t have picked a better day. I’m told that apparently it gets quite rough here, hard to believe – but that’s what planning and getting the tides right is all about.


And time again for some more pictures!



And back under way again. This time travelling South East.


This was the first time I opened up the throttles. A good bit of fun, and to show the others what this little Fletcher is really capable of, haha to our amazement we pulled away from everyone, and just to make matters worse took a big loop around them and caught them up again. Great fun



Next in the distance is St. Catherines Light house – our next point on the trip.


This marks the half way point! Again we stopped for a few minutes to have a look around. One of the others refuelled and then we carried on towards and past Ventnor, and towards Sandown.





Stopping at Sandown we all rafted up. This was interesting in that its the first time I’d done such a thing. It worked fine however and all attached to one anchor we sat and had lunch.


Which was a good time to show of the new dash I had done!

Fed and watered the next part of the trip was in to more familiar waters passing Whitecliff Bay and then into Bembridge. Again this was the first time I had been here since a holiday trip with friends years ago.


Spot the small blue boat?!


Steve it turned out also had his uses…



This seemed like a good opportunity to take a group picture!


All ‘massive and crew’! Err London speak…

Still with plenty of time after this we decided to all head back a bit around the island to Whitecliff Bay for some more water sports type stuff. It had to be done, the weather was just too good to ignore.



Finally and amusingly if you look at the GPS track below (see the cluster of movements around Whitecliff!!!) after messing about here we all headed back. Only one concern, FUEL. Having poured in all the remaining fuel we had the gauge was looking worryingly low Fortunately we did make it back, and the others had spare should we have really needed any.

38-Fullscreen capture 28062010 001222

And finally some videos to finish the day:

Finally the days statistics:

Distance covered 110 miles.
Fuel used 117 litres.

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