10th trip – time to try some water sports!

Ok I realise that an inflatable ringo isn’t exactly ‘water sports’ but I don’t have any good pictures of the knee boarding that went on!

Having returned from Cornwall a weeks or so ago, and with the summer now nearly in full swing, it was time to try out a few new things. Armed with an inflatable ringo and also a knee board we headed down to the coast and then to our now favourite spot at Whitecliff bay.

After a few failed attempts at getting started on the knee board (you have to pull off fairly quickly then back off once up to speed ~20mph ish) we began to get the hang of it. Knee boarding is a mad thing! Definitely worth a go if you have not before. Just remember to lean back and try to lift the front of the board up. You’ll then be fine!!


Whilst we didn’t quite manage deep water starts, we did have enough goes that arms felt a few inches longer – ouch. So after that it was time to try the inflatable!

Haha what great fun, these things could be so dangerous if going too fast. The occupants on them basically have no control and its all down to the driver to keep them safe!


This is something I NEVER thought I’d see myself doing or eh dressed in!


Simon giving it the thumbs up! We just need to have a look at wakeboarding now!

So a quick update but a fun one. Only pain is the damn I6 engine loves to stall when sat idle for a bit.

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