Bringing it all together

20082009069Now armed with an engine boat and controls, it was time to assemble things together.

Then the real fun began. Reading around the internet we were told that we needed safety equipment. This came in the shape of oars (!) bilge pump, lights, anchor, ropes, flares, life jackets oh and of course we needed to get a fuel tank. So this ‘cheap’ little project suddenly started to look expensive. The engine and boat alone before all this had already cost £1400…

Sadly the engine didn’t line up with the old holes already drilled on  the boat, so I had to drill new ones and then seal the old holes up. No dramas and soon the engine was bolted on and the controls fitted.

So in went a bilge pump, battery, wiring, fuel pump and of course gauges. This nice little lot had now increased our budget a further £500 and we weren’t even on the water yet!

All the connections where then made (notice the engine offset, I was told by an old chap who used to race these kind of things we should do this, however I have since learned that I am not so sure, but it seemed to go fine anyway and did mean the steering lined up.

Notice engine offset.

So then the internal wiring and fitting out was done:

The next thing was to find a fuel tank. I wanted the biggest one I could physically get in the boat. I was under the impression that all the heavy weight should be at the back and it never occurred to me to use the front space which was plenty to mount the tank so we then cut room to make the tank fit:

Battery moved and connections made:

The glass would then be repaired later..
We ended up with this

Which I was not happy with but we wanted to get out and testing the boat that weekend.

Finally I added some wiring for the bulge pump and also nav lights and fitted a fuel gauge:

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