Solent here we come!!

A new adventure today. The first time to the Solent in fact, and for the first time, with my Dad.

After speaking to a few people on-line I was told of  a slipway into Langstone harbour, it was found opposite Hayling Island near the RNLI building. Turns out its a great slip. Quite steep so you need a 4×4 to do this safely. but it means its quite easy to launch the boat. The only thing to watch out of is high tidal current speeds.

The boat was launched without issue, the tide was going out of the harbour and the wind coming in so it was a little rough, in fact one large wave came over nearly soaking me the only problem is it did soak the controls. No issue you would would hope, except for the fact that they were obviously not very well insulated and I was then getting a shock from the ignition system through the metal handle?!!!! Anyway, covered that with a waterproof aka insulated jacket and job done for the time being!!!


For the first time I had a GPS with me. Ready for a new adventure we headed off to the Isle of Wight, to find Wight Cliff Bay. This was somewhere I was familiar with having visited on holidays in the past.


And there it is! Be warned, there are some very rough rocks to the East corner of the island. They surface at low tide. I know this as I nearly hit them on this first trip with a new prop. Just BE CAREFUL around here if you don’t have a chart. In fact the locals (or somone) has put plastic barrels tied to something that float around the area. If you see them I advise to keep away unless high tide.


Safe and sound we found our way to the beach.
Lesson no2 of the day!!! DO NOT drive up onto a beach if the are infrequent rolling waves coming in. This will result in water swamping the transom and entering the boat. Again learnt the hard way…


How cool is this? haha


After this we headed up in the direction of Cowes, and headed in to Portsmouth. We had a quick (distant!) look around at the military stuff – get close at your peril, and then headed back across the Solent back in the direction of Langstone. It was here that I could for the first time record a top speed run! We saw 50.12 on the GPS.


Then we arrived back at Langstone, check out this water!! Amazing!


Perfect! This is what it is all about, who would have thought so late in the year too!


And finally a cool video of the day!

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