2nd trip – uneventful, but that’s good right?!

Now the bug had bitten it was any excuse now to get back on the water.

Between this trip and the first, a few things were sorted out like the new wheels/axles and also hydraulic pipe from the trim system. I recall possibly (writing this in 2015) that may have also had to get a new starter motor gear. I remember that it was b***dy expensive for what it was!!

We launched from Sheerness again, this and just really went up and down the water around there just again to get used to the whole experience. Starting the engine again proved to be an utter pain. It was a case of removing the engine cover and spraying fuel into the carbs and turning it over until the engine started. We figured at the time that it was just a trait of these engines.

2-IMG_6546Launching was still no easier!

3-IMG_6543Classic “Tower of Power” In-line 6 mercury


Eagled eyed people will spot this was done before the tidying up process begun!

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