If you need an engine then may as well get a BIG one!

I’m no stranger to engines, even back in 2009 my day job was tuning and modifying them. This whole outboard thing however was alien to me. What did longshaft mean? what power do we need? What power could we run?

IMG_6353We had decided at this point that may as well get the biggest engine we could find and afford, 50hp too small!!, 70 was ok but really we wanted something 100hp+.  That sounded much more fun. It turns out I discovered that trying to find an engine is a complete pain in the arse. Even very old engines seemed to sell for much more than we could justify. This we learnt was marine ‘tax’ – the crazy ill informed/misguided sellers of marine junk who think its still worth something – just do a search on eBay its full of thousands of used engine bits at extortionate prices, that NEVER sell!! Eventually we found a complete engine for sale on PreLoved in South Wales, and the best bit it was a 140hp model.. – YES!!!

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