Trailer woes

The following day we took it out for the very first time and in fact our very first experience in a speed boat (or any for that matter) – You can read about that first trip here.

So finally back on dry land (remember read the first trip out to see what happened!) The boat was washed down and time for home. The trailer had by now been driven only about 150 miles we collected it, but on the way back from the first trip the suspension on both sides collapsed on the motorway. This wasn’t a major problem in itself only that as a result the tyres rubbed on the arches on each side. I didn’t notice until I saw smoke coming of the wheels and pulled over to inspect!!!!! The only way around this was to bend the arches up to stop them touching. I then made my way home very slowly and the next thing was to rebuild the trailer… – As a side point re-publishing this in 2015 still fills me with fear from that experience it was horrid and I vowed never to go out with an unknown trailer ever again.

So a week or so later and the new parts arrived:

Old VS new

New parts fitted

And even better a spare just in case:

So the boat then went out a further 4 times with crazy adventures and steep learning curve on each one. But its so much fun and highly addictive – again these can all be read here.

So this was the initial stage complete. The setup was never perfect. The fuel tank in the rear made the boat very rear heavy. I have learnt since that this is great if your racing, and it wasn’t as the boat lacked the power to get on plane – oh no not at all, it just felt too light at the front.

1-IMG_7317Finally winter came and the snow arrived (remember that 2009/2010??!).

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