Summer holiday in Cornwall.

Falmouth 1st day

It was 2010 the last time before this year that I had even sat in a boat on water. It was now time for a proper trip away for the week. Quite honestly there is no better place for this in South England if you have small boat than Falmouth. Its massive for one thing. So much to see and do. The South West really is a beautiful part of the world to go boating.

In between the last outing in Kent, I had got a few various new additions to the boat. The Smart tabs were now fitted and I set the them on medium. 3′, and they seemed to work fine. Transparent really just totally removed the bow up as I come onto plane. I was however going to try them in different positions and see how they faired.

I also now had a Laser 21p prop compared to the old alu 21p prop. I was half expecting to pick up some speed with this since alu props tend to flex. but from what I can tell this [along with] the smart tabs made no difference at all to the top speed! I can get about 5600-5800 rpm with it. So that could be ever so slightly higher. It also made no noticeable difference to the way the boat drove. No bow lift at all over what the other prop would be (again results may be biased by smart tabs) but that was at 50+mph which to be honest the boat is a little ‘lively’ (looking into solid engine mounts now)

However something which really has changed perhaps as a result of the trim tabs/prop is increased mpg really quite significantly – that is if the fuel flow meter is calibrated correctly, calculated mpg from today is 4.4. Which is 25% so a huge improvement. I’ll know for sure tomorrow how accurate that is once I’ve refuelled, to see if litres used (54.4) tallies up with the actual refill. Again this is another new thing. So not really an exciting day by way of report, but its great to be back down in the South West again.

However as a summary, from today for the first play out in Falmouth I have the following:

Trip statistics
Max speed: 54.7 MPH
Average speed: 14.6 MPH
Distance Covered: 52.6 Miles
Fuel used: 54.4 Litres
Calculated MPG: 4.4

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