Second Trip to the Solent

After the last outing the carbs had another service with new needles and float heights checked. Now another run was necessary to get some more hours on it and also of course to have another trip out and have some fun!

Back down to Langstone Harbour, the boat was launched without incident. In fact the engine sprang into life with no issues at all. It’s such a nice change to the old in-line 6 which was such a PITA to get going.

This time with plenty of fuel the plan first was to cross the Solent and head for Bembridge harbour, where we stopped jumped out and had some lunch. Sea state up to this point was pretty rough. A few white caps about, with a maximum comfortable speed of around 20 mph, which made the crossing a bit hard work, especially entering Bembridge, however once in totally sheltered.


So after this we headed back out with the intention to make our way to Whitecliff bay. Again the sea was rather rough and the white caps getting more frequent. We were getting close to the East side near Seaview keeping well clear of any rocks and pretty much suddenly landed in quite severe water. Probably the roughest I’ve ever been in so far (even now I re-read this in 2015).

Now I was glad more than ever that I was not such a small boat as before. Wave heights of probably a good 2 meters. In fact several times the waves surrounded us in a way that we lost site of anything around us, which as has never happened before. I have a bit of video from this, but missed the ‘best bit’. This was an interesting new challenge really as it then required a careful turn around so not to be hit side on by this sea. I timed it so that the turn began as I went to go up a wave and then quickly spun around to ‘surf’ gently down it using almost no throttle at all, I then continued this surf on the downward slope of the wave quite gently until we were back in more sheltered waters. No real dramas, but conditions I certainly wouldn’t want to be in by choice.

Here is a couple of video stills
And another after we had turned around and left the bad stuff behind us

So after that excitement we headed in the direction of Cowes. I remember reading here that The Folly Inn has opened so seemed a good place to go to relax before the journey back to Langstone harbour.

By pure chance we managed a pontoon landing on the Folly inn pontoon, and were allowed a free visit provided we didn’t stay for too long, very nice of them! So some chill time here and a quick look over the boat and all was fine. Shortly later the trip back began but still the sea state was a little hairy, this time I could reach around 30mph and for the fist time this day got into a nice rhythm on the boat riding the sea at a pretty good pace. It look little more than 25 mins to get back from Cowes to Langstone harbour. Not bad I thought given the conditions for a 12-13 mile trip, finally also for the first time approaching Langstone I managed for the first time to fully open the throttle but not long enough to really refine the trim, and again reached 45~ gps mph.

So points improved/needs addressing since last time.

*New carb jets have helped with low speed drive ability. Its still not great, but I don’t know the history of the carbs they may have too large jets for the boat etc.
*Didn’t really get a chance to check WOT rpm as I was paying too much attention to the sea…
*Fuel consumption was not great 3.0mpg. Better than last time but used about 60 litres doing 40 miles. That not really what I want, and I may look at more serious cures if I can’t improve this – such as saving for a more modern engine…
*Drivers seat problem cured.. Now need to do the same with the passenger.
*Had a really strange issue with water in the boat when home. It was dry all day within the boat, but once home for some reason the carpet in the middle of the floor was wet. This needs looking into.
*Really need trim tabs or something to lift up the back end. I have some engine fins I think I’ll give a go first. This could potentially save a lot of fuel due the the high approach angle at low/mid teen speeds.

That’s all for now. Time for sleep…

Trip statistics:
Max speed: 45. MPH
Average speed: 13.0 MPH
Distance Covered: 40 Miles
Calculated MPG: 3.0
Total engine run time: 3.5hrs

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