More stuff

The only niggle with the last engine is at full throttle it seemed to be starved of fuel (or so I thought) so I have now fitted a facet electronic fuel pump and removed the mechanical one. Its a similar set up to what mercury specify anyway. In addition the trailer has a new pair of tyres, and I also have replaced the bearings. After removing the old ones I managed to identify the ones I needed and placed an order for bearings and seals, with a couple spare just in case.


In addition these also arrived and have now also been fitted:


I’d be interested to hear from people who have fitted these for some advice on setup. I.e. how do you know if they are too hard? Too soft I get, but I just wondered what the effect of too much stern lift would be with the smart tabs.

In addition, I have a Garmin GFS10 fuel flow sensor and a stainless prop to put on. This has all been a bit of a crazy bit of upgrades due to the fact I’m taking the boat to Cornwall later this week for a bit of a holiday.

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