Two trips out and new engine required!

So the old engine (of unknown origin and questionable health but cheap enough to take a gamble) died or rather was rendered non sea worthy after an inspection from the last trip so something had to be done about it. That came around in the form of a SST120 (I thought it was an XR2 at first) power head. A hotted up 2.0 making about 200hp at the prop – in race trim.. After a good inspection (learning more all the time) I decided it was for me, and the purchase made.

So into the workshop for fitting:

Onto the new stainless plate for the lower cowl support.

Then was time to test the ignition. One bank was dead, (was unable to test before) so swapped around stator wires, and the problem swapped sides. Did a stator test and it was faulty. I managed however to get a working one pronto.

‘new’ style cowl fitted. Need to replace a couple of clips on it.

A few other bits I also had to do such as sort the fuel pump and re-wire it to fit my older controls. That was all done and then it was ready to test Sunday afternoon. However due to time running away a bit I ended up getting to Sheerness later than expected. and the tide was all the way out oops.

More can be read about this in the 170 GTO Trip Diary, but this engine solved all the issues of the last and is a beast!!

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