This bank holiday weekend had to be the final BIG push to get some serious work done on this boat. Once again I reeled in the support of my friend Si, who was equally looking forward to getting out in the boat again.

We had two days to sort out the boat hardware, and also wiring gauges, along this with the engine needed a final ‘fitting’ this time with sealant used on the bolts etc. Also bilge pump needed fitting and float switch nav lights fuel pipework/filler, backup engine mount etc..Quite a lot to do

So Saturday we finished mounting all the hardware and physically fitting everything on to the boat that it needed to run. New rear towing hooks were fitted, along with new stainless rear cleats, The outboard backup engine bracket was also mounted, with as good as guess as possible for height (turned out I need to raise it a few inches but will modify the bracket, rather than the boat.)

What else, ah the fuel tank filler also needed mounting, but the old hole in the boat was too large, so a new one was cut and and the old one was filled. That will need finishing at some point to hide the repair, then new fuel line and in line filter was fitted. The filter sits inboard in quite a nice accessible place so thats easy to check.

A temp fuel gauge was wired in now and 10 litres of fuel put into the tank. This was JUST enough to prime the system, but not enough to run, so its safe to say approx 10 litres of the tank are inaccessible, then we added another 10 litres, this now showed ‘E’ on the gauge. Its useful to know exactly how much fuel you have on the gauge, especially around empty so this was noted. Finally another 10 litres put in and now the gauge sat at about 1/8th. Now with the engine primed it could be started – and it did first time. Perfect.


Finally the hydraulic helm steering was fitted, pipes attached and the system bled.

After a few more bits and pieces that was Saturday done.

Sunday was more about the wiring and prep. At this point no wiring was on the boat. New cables had to be run from the battery to the glove box where a 6 way fuse holder was fitted. From here power was taken to the lights, radio, GPS and switched feed for bilge pump (in addition to full time auto). Surprising how much there was to do but by early eve we had fitted new tilt and trim relays, put main power feeds in, wired in the radio, nav lights (inc dial lights) power/ignition to rpm, etc etc clamped the battery down finished the bilge pump wiring and also tested everything. I also like the previous boat bonded the depth sounder to the bottom of the hull so it fires through. This will eliminate the chance of it being bashed off somehow from under the boat.

By now everything was fitted and tidy, and we ended up with something rather like this:



What amazes me is how much space we now have on this boat. Compared to the old 165 its immense. Just now need to come up of a nice way to store things!

So that brings us to the first test. But here is a sample of how it looked today. (Note I’m reposting this in 2015 and I still remember this day, it was amazing)


I’ll get some more pics as soon as I can for the rest of what I was done, but that will be posted under trips.

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