Internal stuff

Managed to get some time on the hull again on Saturday, and was joined again by my mate Simon who gave a hand. First up was to pull up the final small pieces of rotten floor. This was only a small area, and in fact wasn’t so rotten really. It had de-laminated, but it appeared due to stress cracks rather than being rotten. Either way it was cut out an a new piece laid in its place. The final piece to do was the piece of floor that was cut out that covered up the rear of the boat into the bilge area. I decided to lay the pump and float switch in this area as to cut out as small an area as possible from the floor. Things tend to fall down into the space otherwise.

Both bits of new floor can be seen here:



All being well I’ll get this glassed in this week. Then it all needs painting and its ready to be kitted out. Need to decide now where I can put the battery and other parts.

We did remove the fuel tank. I wanted to physically measure it, and came up with a value of 80 litres. I’d like more but realistically I’m only going to get in another 20 litres or so if I replaced it, so I think that can stay. for the time being.

Here is Si, trying to measure the tank before we just decided to pull it out and check it over :)

not the most spacious of cuddies ;)

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