Thinking of buying your first sportsboat?

Have you ever been down to the beach on a sunny day, perhaps whilst on holiday and seen other people out enjoying themselves on the water on small sports boats? That’s exactly how it happened to me. I remember one time in particular going to the IOW for a camping trip, watching from the car ferry a small power boats whizzing about in the Solent. I never knew how accessible this could be and it took about 15 years when by pure chance boating finally found me.

What kind of boat should I look for?

In the UK most powerboating is coastal. . This means tides wind and waves. Therefore its not sensible to unnecessarily expose yourself to risk or to limit yourself to almost impossible perfect conditions. It’s my view on this basis that really 16ft is a sensible minimum for a sports boat.

Secondly the type of boat plays a big role. American style bow rider boats (the ones with open seating at the front of the boat) are really quite popular, but ask anyone who has had one in a rough sea and there is a good chance they won’t recommend it. I like to call them ‘sea spoons’ as they can literally scoop up the sea in rough weather. I can assure you now that is not fun. Also in any case with this type of boat it is not recommended to have people sitting in the bow seats whilst under way in anything except perfect condition. Hit a sharp unexpected wave and its entirely possible the passenger(s) will be thrown overboard or if not sustain quite nasty injuries.