The 2015 season has finally begun!

Seemed to take forever this year, but finally after the most recent changes were made to the 170, and without even time for a sea trial the year begun with the South west sports boat rally in Torquay.

This annual event organised by the SWFBR is a small rally for all sports boats under 25 foot. Last year was the first time that I had attended and it was a mad rush to get Wavelength II ready again for this one, but I did – JUST and without even a sea trial arrived finally at 3am Saturday morning just a few hours before the day was due to begin. If you want to read more about this event then just check out the 170 diary, and in addition the new upgrades and engine swap that has also been carried out in the 170 project section.

So that as already said was the first run out. The second was last weekend with a trip to Southampton. It turned out to be a ROUGH one with strong winds, but still really good fun.

So not a lot else has been going on in my world of boating. But hopefully a lot more will happen during the rest of this season!!