More engine stuff

Ok so a little more on this engine:


As I said last time I took out the carbs for a rebuild. After I had freed a stuck throttle shaft, they were ready to go, after nothing more than a basic clean.

I decided today to tackle the ignition system. These don’t like corrosion, and rarely get maintained.

So first job was to pull a pair of coils off and give them a clean. Again this is not a big budget build, its just a good service tidy up and reassemble, using where possible serviceable parts.

Cleaned coil on the right.

Then I gave the plate a good scrub with a wire brush.
You can see here there is a region that was not painted. This is for a wire to rest against. I’m not quite sure what its purpose is, that I must find out. But it causes corrosion like on my other V6 220HP engine.

Top one done, middle and bottom to follow. I wasn’t intending on doing them all today, which is why its not been done in one large section. Looking much better however!

After this I decided to see what I could do with the wiring loom. I hate mercurys looms which are covered with tape. They look so messy around the back. I decided to see if I could cover them with some plastic wire sleeve which I use on car looms.

Its a bit hard to see if you don’t know what your looking for. Spot the two small wire harnesses. One covered in tape the other in a nice clean plastic sleeve. It worked a treat. I’ll do the other one next week.

As it stands now. Will finish this off next week. Hope to paint the bilge area of the boat over the weekend. Then its ready to mount the engine.

Change of plan and another engine

To many things were bothering me about trying to get the I6 engine ready, so I have come across an alternative plan and found another engine, this was a cheap ‘unknown’ gamble from eBay. Its a 1979 150hp 2.0 v6 Mercury.

Only picked it up yesterday, but gave it a service today, and a carb rebuild. Seems to run quite happily now. Compression is a little down on one cyl, but that may be a stuck ring, bores however all look just fine.

Crazy things these engines however. Had it running on idle for about 30 mins and it used 3 litres of fuel… Madness.

At the very first opportunity now I’m going to be bolting this engine on!

Into 2013 and still not much further

Been a while, finally getting on top of stuff again, just getting the last few bits together before I assemble the engine. Finally got new ‘C’ clips that hold in the piston pins, and a tiny 9/32 12point socket for undoing the conrod bolts. Really the only remaining things to do are I’m going to get the block cleaned before I assemble it. But hopefully that will be within the next week or so.

Really itching to get back on the water now!