Tidying it all up. The finishing touches.

After the snow has thawed, it was time to put all those little bits I had learnt last year into action. It was time to tidy up the boat and make it how I felt it should be.

This started by taking the boat to my work and putting it on the ramp so things could be worked on more easily.


One of the first things I did was replace a mudguard that had rusted and become detached.


Then the fuel tank was removed after space was found at the front and the repair to the rear begun.


Polyester resin used here. The same stuff halfords sell for cars. I was warned away from this but actually it worked perfectly.




Notice the wiring was tidied up as well.



Then I painted it – and you would never have known I had even cut it!! I was pleased by this finally!!


Speakers added!


I actually ended up painting the whole top half of the boat, after some front end damage was also done. A new rubbing strip was found and the top half of the boat was now beginning to look pretty damn good.

Next came the interior. This was a whole new thing for me. I had to ask my mum if I could borrow her sewing machine! She thought I had gone mad, and to be fair so did I.


But in any case I carefully unpicked the old upholstery, marked it out and after a bit of reading worked out how to use the sewing machine and got going.





I thought I did quite well I must say. This below REALLY impressed me hahaha.


So coming together now. Looking better..


Now you have the idea!!


Then onto the seats. These were tricky. Like playing in 3d space you had to think from all sorts of angles, but somehow I did it.



Back into the boat that wasn’t the only thing that needed doing. The dash and side panels were also rotten. So out that came the panels.


And new ones went in.


Half way there now! The fuel tank is now behind the center panel in the front. This was a much better idea. The boat I was to learn would be much better on the water like this.


The much needed electronics and radio were then fitted!


Looking good!!!


And the final job done!


Stitched Panorama

Notice the 12inch kenwood sub below! Gotta love the tunes! Oh and new glove box.





Stitched Panorama

And finally the stickers.


So this is how it ended up. You need to read the trips now if you have not already. The boat was shortly sold after this with a 50hp engine – never to be seen again. But I have to say this was an amazing boat. and had some incredible times on it. What I didn’t realise however is just how long it would be until I was on the water again. That all continues with the 170GTO Project!


New year + Half finished boat, April time to get out again

So you will know if you have read the “tidying it all up” story that I was doing a lot to the boat over winter/new year. Well April came along fast and still wasn’t quite finished, and it was a Steve’s wedding soon, so we made a trip out on the boat part of his Stag day!

So err some of the planned changes were done, fuel tank in the front, but what we didn’t know was that somehow whilst installing it a small amount of dirt got into the tank, this would have been fine except it kept blocking the fuel flow. We found a way around this but typical. This was rectified soon after buy putting a strainer in the tank to prevent anything like this again.

Other than that – successful day on the water. Getting the hang of this now!

As you can see we all looked nice and warm… But the changes to the boat did work fine!