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Fletcher 170GTO Ownership Specifications and Thoughts

The Fletcher 170GTO is a very popular boat. Fletcher made it in this form for some 20+ years. And there are thousands about. But what are they like to own? I’m going to try and share my overall limited boating experience with you.


The Hull: The 170GTO is a really capable hull. Its design lends it self very well to the UK coastal waters. I can say this as I have covered some pretty serious trips in mine. The longest coastal trip was nearly 50 miles from Falmouth to Plymouth. It wasn’t in mirror calm weather either. In every case the boat has been able to withstand more abuse than me, and except in some windy conditions its a very dry ride, with it being unlikely to cover the occupants (at least in the front!) in water.


I don’t have my boat setup for outright performance. If I could compare it with a road car it would probably be something like a ‘normal’ Mitsibishi Evo(!!!) reason is, the grip is fantastic. With my setup which is a 21 Laser II prop, and an approx 200hp 2.0 Mercury V6 (again not optimised so assume around 150-160hp) the boat will clock GPS 56mph, but I can turn fast and the back of the boat does not skip, and unless really pushed with the trim to high the prop does not even cavitate. It’s a very good all round boat.


Really? Ok well since you asked. My engine is OLD its OLD tech carb 2 stroke. It doesn’t get worse¬† than this. Typically I average around 3MPG. It can be nearly 4-5MPG, and easily as bad as 1.5MPG. Best economy is around 20mph with two people where I can get just about 1 mile per litre of fuel.

Here is a set of averaged data taken over a week holiday in Falmouth 2013:

Total Fuel: 315.6 Litres
Total Distance: 251 Miles
Average MPG: 3.62
Max Speed: 55.1MPH
2 stroke oil: 7 Litres
Total Engine Run time: 14 hours.
Total average speed: 17mph.

Would I recommend one of these boats? Definitely, but check for ROT the transoms all go just like mine eventually.