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2016 London Boat show

2016 begins again with the London boat show. As always the noise from the ageing part of the boat fraternity sill whine and complain “its getting smaller” “its not like Earls Court”. Ignore all that nonsense and enjoy the show!!!

I think its the 6th time I’ve been and I’m still learning, but with that said here are some highlights I took away (didn’t take many pictures to be honest).

In particular it was great to see Rockford Fosgate enter the marine audio market. Having been a ICE audio chap some time ago, I learnt a lot about the best automotive audio out there. These days Fusion audio really sit alone in the true marine audio market, but whilst the radios are ok, they are not amazing and lack some pretty basic audio features. Rockford Fosgate now blows them away in this respect. Quite interesting times indeed!!

18/01/15 Latest

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A London boat show article has been added. I enjoyed this. Hopefully you can read my article and see why.